Venture Costa Rica
Training Soccer Tour In Costa Rica


Whether you want to visit Costa Rica for its beaches, wildlife, or for the adventure, we encourage you to consider us for the following reasons:


We LOVE Costa Rica, and for that reason we have visited this paradise many times, and that has given us plenty of experience that we can share with you to make sure your trip is a memorable life experience.


We know the right people and the best locations, and this allows us to give you first class service from the trip planning stage to when you return home from the airport. We know the locals and the staff at every hotel and tour we use for our groups.

Our soccer knowledge is as good as our travel knowledge. We know the professional and amateur soccer teams in Costa Rica very well, and this ensures us that we match your team with an opponent of the same level. We also have partners, such as, that are professional scouts that help us to arrange matches with their recruits.

Billy is a passionate soccer fan. He owns the Upper 90 Soccer store in Harrisonburg, Virginia and is a professional referee. As a former player and coach at James Madison University, he has been involved in soccer for over 30 years.


We strive to give you the best possible service. We travel with your group and are on hand every minute of your adventure to Costa Rica. We arrange your entire trip, and we work with you in the planning stage to customize the tour and to make sure it exceeds your expectations.

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